Cindy Schulte REALTOR®

KW Relocation Regional Ambassador

KW Relocation Regional Ambassador, Cindy Schulte Relocation Specialist


I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as the KW Relocation Regional Ambassador for the California – Inland Empire (Southwest) region. This region includes Arizona, Nevada, and the Inland Empire of California.


Map showing Cindy Schulte's region as the KW Relocation Regional Ambassador


My role will be focusing on promoting the efforts of the KW Relocation community. I will also be communicating strategy and information to my fellow agents and market center leaders.


Regional Communication Plan


The Regional Communication Plan focuses on sharing information about KW Communities from Community Leadership through regions. From the regional level, Relocation Ambassadors share information with individual Market Centers and agents. The Plan leverages agents who are highly active in their respective communities and Region. These agents provide timely and important updates on each Community. They also serve as a helpful resource for agent and Market Center leadership inquiries.


Role of a KW Relocation Regional Ambassador


In my role, I will focus on sharing about KW Relocation for the region. The mobility industry needs agents who are knowledgeable of the unique needs within relocation. Employees, their families, and companies all require the services of qualified REALTORS® who know and understand the complexity of relocation. Agents and market center leadership should understand the importance of the specialized training required to serve the relocation market.


Serving Clients as a KW Relocation Regional Ambassador


The education and training I received as part of my relocation certification positions me to serve my clients with superior knowledge of the relocation industry. I also know and understand all of the many facets of relocation, from choosing a new home, finding the best schools, and learning about a new city.


I am grateful to share my knowledge and experience to help make my client’s relocation as easy as possible. If you are looking at a relocation, whether for a job transfer or just to move to a new city like Scottsdale, please contact me. As the KW Relocation Regional Ambassador for the California – Inland Empire (Southwest) region, I will be glad to share with you all you should know about relocation.


Call me for a complimentary consultation: 480-788-5446


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