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How to Choose a Luxury Real Estate Agent

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Whether you are buying or selling a luxury home, you need the services of a top-notch Luxury Real Estate Agent. But how would you go about finding the right Agent to meet your specific needs? Using a thorough process to research and interview agents will yield the best results. What does this thorough process look like?

Luxury Real Estate Agent Social Media Presences and Reviews


1. Check the social presence for the Agent you are interviewing. What does their social media look like? Can you identify what kind of business they currently have? Look for indications of certifications from organizations important to luxury home sales, such as the CLHMS Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist certification.


2. How many social media accounts does the Agent leverage in their real estate business? Successful Luxury Real Estate Agents usually leverage a few strong social media accounts for their business. Remember, the Agent may be a member of different groups and organizations in their online world. As a result, these memberships would broaden any social media exposure for sellers.


3. What do their reviewers have to say about the Agent? Look for reviews at any online places where you may find the agent. Luxury Real Estate Agents should have an abundance of good reviews. Positive online reviews may provide you with some assurance of superior service and attention to your specific needs.


Luxury Certifications and Solid Experience


1. There are specific certifications you should look for when you are interviewing a Luxury Real Estate Agent. One of the most important is the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation. This certification through the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing is known as the mark of accomplishment in worldwide luxury markets. Luxury home buyers and sellers can be assured their Agent has all of the following as it pertains to the luxury market:


  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Experience


2. Experience is one of the most important considerations when you are interviewing a Luxury Real Estate Agent. They should have properties and information they can share where they were part of the transaction. Ask about their history and experience in the luxury home sales market. Inquire about the different luxury neighborhoods and how you might be able to have a tour of luxury homes in the area.


Luxury Real Estate Agent Websites


1. What does the Agent’s website look like? Does it give a good impression that they know how to market themselves? This is a good indicator of how they may market your luxury home. Luxury Real Estate Agents should take the time to invest in their website as a resource for their business, clients, and prospects.


2. Does the Agent’s website tell you anything about them besides the fact they are a REALTOR®? An Agent’s website is a great way for clients to get to know all about their Agent. This is important, as it reinforces connectivity. Humans have a natural inclination to want to have connection with others. As a result, this is especially true of the professionals we may work with such as a Luxury Real Estate Agent since we are placing so much trust in their abilities.


Choosing a Qualified Luxury Real Estate Agent 


Cindy Schulte Relocation Specialist, Tour Scottsdale Homes, 72SOLD Program Director, Luxury REALTOR®Finding a qualified Luxury Real Estate Agent takes some time and research. However, the results are worth the effort. Your luxury home buying or selling experience should be of paramount importance to your Agent. Agents who have luxury home marketing certifications, experience in the luxury market, and knowledge of home buying and selling in luxury market are the ones you should interview. Look to their online presence, reviews, and websites to help you reach a final confirmation.


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