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Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour

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Many visitors to our beautiful city want to go on a Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour. There are many benefits to joining a tour. First, you will have a knowledgeable guide with you to show you the most exclusive neighborhoods. Second, you can maximize the use of your limited time by working with a tour guide who focuses on efficiency and is able to meet your specific needs. Third, working with someone who understands the details of luxury home construction gives you a valuable resource for all of your questions.


Knowledgeable Guide for your Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour


If you join me on one of my tours, you will find I am practically a Scottsdale expert! I live in this fair city and have for several years, after relocating here from Minnesota. There are many ways I give back to the city. One of the most enjoyable is helping people learn about what makes this place so unique and desirable.


1. Experience Scottsdale: I work with this organization to share information about Scottsdale events, sports, places to visit, and the many amenities the city has to offer both visitors and residents.


2. As a member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, I am part an amazing organization that connects businesses operating in Scottsdale. Some of the Chamber’s goals are to promote prosperity, develop the local economy, and strengthen connections throughout the community.


3. I serve as a Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. In this role, I am a steward of the Chamber. My focus is on assisting in recruiting and welcoming new Chamber members. Additionally, I help provide guidance in planning and executing various networking activities. Finally, I help the Chamber with its community outreach efforts. I have often arranged a Scottsdale luxury home tour for people I meet in my role as an Ambassador.



Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour: Efficient and Effective


One of the most important aspect of the home tours I arrange is that they focus on a specific dollar value in homes.  Therefore, my clients have a comfort level with the homes they are touring. Customizing a tour to clients’ needs reinforces an efficient approach to time management. Tours are limited in size to a small group by design. As a result, I am easily accessible throughout  the entire time for questions and to help guide the tour through each home we visit.


Some of the exclusive neighborhoods we may visit include:


Tour Guide with Luxury Credentials and Knowledge



Your guide for a Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour should have the necessary credentials in the luxury market to make your time worthwhile. I am a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. This important designation means I have the expertise in luxury homes and marketing that you need to support your specific needs. This includes extensive training that has given me the knowledge and skills necessary to serve high-tier clients exceptionally well.


Register for a Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour


Cindy Schulte 72SOLD Program Director, also blog publisherAre you ready to sign up for a Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour? The process is easy! As you plan your travel to Scottsdale, think about what days and times might work for your tour.  Then call me to reserve a spot. Once your travel schedule is fully confirmed, contact me directly with the details and I will confirm the reservation for your tour.


Leading a Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my career in real estate. I enjoy helping my clients see all of the wonderful and fabulous aspects of a luxury home lifestyle that this lovely city has to offer.


Feel free to call me directly at 480-788-5446I look forward to meeting with you!



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