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If you are searching for a Scottsdale luxury real estate agent, there are several things you should consider. Agents should have the necessary training and education in luxury homes. They should also hold specific designations indicating they have a level of expertise to serve top-tier clients. Consider looking into whether the Agent is truly involved in their community. Community involvement will ensure the Agents knows the community well. Therefore you can rely on them with confidence to guide you in your real estate journey.


Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist


My certification as a luxury home marketing specialist gives me specialized knowledge of the luxury home market. Training offered by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing  provides me with the tools and resources to work effectively with affluent buyers and sellers. As a result, I am able to understand their specific needs. I also have the requisite negotiating skills for luxury home transactions. I understand the unique aspects and nuances of complex transactions as you would expect from a Scottsdale luxury real estate agent.


The requirements to obtain this certification are rigorous, and include the following:

  • Three (3) Qualified Transactions including supporting documentation
  • Property type must be Single Family Residential, to include townhome, or condominium single units
  • Transactions must be complete within the last 24 months prior to submission
  • Each transaction must be at or above the Luxury Threshold Price for the Market Area at the time of transaction submission


Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Agent and Community Involvement


Would you buy a home in a new city from someone who does not know much about it? Of course you wouldn’t! So how can you tell if your Scottsdale luxury real estate agent knows what you need them to know? One way is to look for their involvement in the community. Are they a member of civic organizations? Do they give back to the community in various ways? Can they show you around the city with confidence and ease?


One of the most rewarding aspects of my own community service is through the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. Not only am I a member of the Chamber, but I serve as a Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. As a result, I have in-depth insight into the community as well as its various businesses and organizations. Many clients who relocate to Scottsdale prefer to work with an Agent who truly knows the pulse of the city.


Choose Your Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Agent Wisely


Cindy Schulte Relocation Specialist, Tour Scottsdale Homes, 72SOLD Program Director, Luxury REALTOR®, Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate AgentAs you look into working with a Scottsdale luxury real estate agent, be sure to check all the details. Read reviews of the Agent from other clients to get a good idea of how they will perform for you. Look into their online digital presence to see if they are truly committed to their career and living in Scottsdale. Ask the Agent to provide references you can speak with. Agents that excel in the luxury home market will have the reviews, online presence, and references to confirm your choice.


As a top-performing Scottsdale luxury real estate agent, I have the certifications, experience, and dedication to meet your every need. Check out my LinkedIn profile and my client reviews at Google. I am confident you will find I have the necessary qualification to serve your every real estate need in the Scottsdale luxury home market!


Feel free to call me directly at 480-788-5446.



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