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The Art of Moving with Kids: From Prepping to Thriving in Your New Home

Father and mother holding a folded cardboard box above their daughter as they discuss The Art of Moving with Kids: From Prepping to Thriving in Your New Home


When you’re moving with kids, there are extra considerations to make the transition smoother. Moving homes is an exciting yet challenging milestone, so help your kids remember this time with fondness.


Discussing the Move


Make your children part of the process from the get-go. Discuss why you’re moving, what it will mean for the family, and listen to their thoughts and concerns. Making them feel involved will reduce anxiety and promote excitement.


Moving with Kids: Finding Schools and Childcare


Researching local schools and childcare services is essential. Visit potential schools if possible, or connect with them virtually. Review the curriculum, facilities, and extra-curricular activities to ensure a good fit for your child’s needs and interests.


Packing Their Belongings


Make packing a fun activity by involving your children. Allow them to pack their things and decorate their boxes, but reassure them that their favorite items are safe and coming with them.


Entertainment While Moving with Kids


Moving day can be chaotic, so plan activities to entertain your kids. A packed “Fun Box” with toys, books, and games can be a lifesaver.


Creating a Familiar Space


Arrange your children’s rooms first in the new house. Familiar items will comfort them and help them feel settled in the new environment.


Exploring the New Neighborhood


Once you’re settled, take time to explore your new community. Find local parks, libraries, and other kid-friendly spots to create a sense of belonging.


Make Moving with Kids an Exciting Family Adventure


Moving with kids doesn’t have to be daunting. With thoughtful planning, the journey can become an exciting family adventure filled with new beginnings and opportunities.

Choose a Real Estate Agent with Relocation Experience


Cindy Schulte Relocation Specialist, Tour Scottsdale Homes, 72SOLD Program Director, Luxury REALTOR®One of the best things you can do for your relocation is to choose a real estate agent with the requisite experience. Agents with certifications and knowledge of the relocation process are an invaluable resource. As a result,  you can rely on them to know exactly what you need during the entire process, start to finish.


As a KW Relocation Regional Ambassador, I received specific education and training as part of my KW Relocation Specialist certification. This allows me to serve my clients with superior knowledge of the relocation industry. I also know and understand all of the many facets of relocation. This includes helping clients find their new home, research the best schools, and learn about living in their new city.


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